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Certain health conditions require immediate medical intervention and treatment. You can bank on our urgent medical care services to assist you at any given time. Our dedicated doctors at Medi-Help of Mt. Lebanon, PA have over 30 years of experience. Urgent medical care involving surgeries are performed at our surgical office. Physical therapies are available for patients who are going through acute pain.

Count on Our Unmatched Urgent Medical Care Services

Urgent medical care is unpredictable. You'll get a variety of urgent medical services at Medi-Help.

  • Accidents or allergic reactions

  • Illnesses or burns

  • Rashes or sprains

  • Minor surgery or broken bones

  • Lacerations

Urgent Medical Services for You

Our urgent care team is always available, and it is headed by a panel of experienced physicians. No matter what your ailment or health condition is, we have the latest medical equipment and quality treatments to restore your health. Our medical facility is equipped with X-ray, endoscopy tests, ultrasound, EKG, and more.  

Well-equipped Medical Center

You don't need to schedule an appointment and wait for your turn when you're in need of timely medical care. Our doctors are always ready to treat you with compassion and personalized care. Whether you've had a bad fall or an injury, we're always here to assist you. Call 412-835-6900 now!

Walk-Ins Are Welcome

Timely Medical Care for You